Any model of the “AC” gliders series, including a motoglider, can be delivered as Kits of fast assembly.

Two gliders the AC-4C and motoglider AC-5M have been rigged up and then has taken evaluation tests for certificates and now one’s are using to produce flights in the USA and New Zealand.

Jim Cooper who has rigged “AC” glider (set #002), have published the information on a site.

Very detailed description (in photos) the Kit AC-4c adequate to the requirement of 50% of readiness.

Last versions of the Kits represent practically ready glider. To be accomplished the glider rigging by using such a set it is necessary to implement: setup and safetying of details and units of motor-unit, the chassis, flight control drivers and levers. At last, using sandpaper and spatula, produce padding, paint and polish a surface of the glider.

The 1-st KIT has arrived in the Seattle (USA).

Just after unloading
Just after unloading
The final action - getting the Certificate
The final action – getting the Certificate