In total it is made:

  • “AC-4”, 60-th gliders;
  • “AC-5m”, 35-th motogliders;
  • 8-th Kit’s modifications of a series the “AC”.

Most of them have been sold in America, 10-th gliders in England, 2 — in Canada. On one — in Greece, Holland and New Zealand. Two prototypes: a glider and a motoglider — in Russia.

1970-74 — Designing of an experimental single-seat powered glider “ISTRA” twin engined, having wing span of 15 m. The period of flight operation — more than 10 year.

1981-86 — Designing of the experimental two-seater motoglider “BAIKAL”, wing span of 18 m. The maiden flight took place in 1986.

1988. — Designed and constructed sports experimental one-seater glider “Mechta I”, wing span of 13,3 m; purpose – for training beginning glider pilots.

1989. — Motoglider “Baikal” and sailplane “Mechta I” have been presented on the 5-th show-competition of amateur flight vehicles (Air show “RIGA-89”, took place in the former USSR).

1990-1991. — The series production of a training single-seat glider “Mechta I” is organized. The prototype series is made of two copies.

1991-1992. — Russia I & II, 11 meter and 12.6 meter World Class Competitors (FAI).

1992. — these gliders under mottos “Russia -1” and “Russia -2” are presented on FAI Design Competition, Oerlinghausen, Germany.

1993. — There is begun series production by the Cooperative Society (“Mechta Sailplanes”, LLC) founded in the Moscow region. The first production model is tested in the USA and has received a high estimation.

1996. — AC-4b model developed with nosewheel.

1997. — Prototype AC-4c with retractable gear.

1998-1999. — Prototype AC-4m debuts at Knoxville in March, Prototype AC-5m begins flight tests in December. Certificates of the USA and England are received.

2000. — AC-5m begins serial production.

2002-2003. — Experimental airplane AC5MP (modernization of glider AC5M).

2002-2005. — Designing and manufacturing of a pre-production model of two-seater motoglider AC-7M..

2006. — the organization of a serial production of a training two-seat motoglider AC-7M. The prototype series is made of two copies.

In 2000 the Russian glider pilots have established 4 World Records in a class of ultra-light gliders. The record flights they has produced on the glider “Russia-1” in a flight area near the city of Yelets, Lipetsk area, in the European part of Russia.
In 2001 after the All-Russia air show of amateur flying vehicles which was conducted in a class of the General-purpose aviation, self-launching glider “AC5M” has been awarded the diploma of 1-st degree, as the best amateur airframe.