AC-5M - is a single-seater motoglider and it has being equipped with engine "Zanzoterra" MZ-35, two-stroke, power of 25 h.p.

The engine has being established on a retractable mast. It is constructed on the basis of deep modernization of a glider AC4. Spacious cockpit are basing on a strengthened airframe. The motoglider is equipped with the petrol motor MZ35 and it give providing independent takeoff and rising up to necessary height for further motorless flight as a customary sailplane. The max L/D achieves 34 for the speed about 110 km/h.

Motoglider AC-5M

The self launching sailplane "AC5M" is a single-seater one, supplied with a retractable two-stroke, one piston engine. The AC-5m uses the carburated MZ-35 or the fuel injected MZ-35i. The engine deploys manually for reliability. Bay doors snap close after deployment for minimum drag, and when stowed the engine sits close to CG. The design goal of this ship is to provide a self-launching sailplane that is simple and inexpensive. The 5m employs retractable gear, and is similar in performance to the AC-4c.

Motoglider AC-5M

All connections hook up automatically. The spars are tapered to fit into corresponding boxes in the fuselage, and extend through the fuselage and into the root rib of the opposite wing for strength. The wings are anchored with a single reliable pin using an integral cam which pulls the assembly together. Assembly is accomplished in 5 minutes and can be rigged by one person with the appropriate equipment. Strong, simple, easy, low maintenance, and affordable.