Aviastroitel Ltd. – Innovative Company, having is more, than 30 years of practical experience, and it’s devoted to development of gliders and motogliders, created on the basis of composit materials and contemporary technologies. In our country now it is the unique developer of sports gliders and motogliders of classes: “D”, “DM”, “DU” (FAI, classification of manned flying vehicles).

In a basis of designs – the components created by means of technology of matrix formation of various aerostructure elements made with cold cured fibreglasses to apply modern composite materials. It is mastered as well a technology of formation of high-quality products from Plexiglas. Our production basis provides creation of products with high consumer properties which are competitive in comparison with the best samples of foreign manufacturers.

The chief designer of the sailplane-way “Aviastroitel” – Vladimir Egorovich Fedorov, 1937 of a birth, has been graduated in Moscow Aviation Institute. He becomes a glider-pilot in the 2-nd Moscow airclub. Ph.D. of Aerodynamics, the owner of the USSR government award for his active complicity on making the orbital spacecraft “BURAN”. More than 30 years he had worked in the Soviet Aviation industry. V.Fedorov at the same time was a head of public creative team on designing and manufacturing experimental sailplanes and motogliders.

The public design studio has arisen at the end of 60-s, having united efforts of enthusiasts of glider sports of the Moscow region. Originally in its strength have income an amateur glider-pilots, home builders and diplomaed engineers of high qualification of aviation factories of Moscow district.
Creation of motoglider “ISTRA” in 1970-74 became their first successful development. “ISTRA” was a self-launching sailplane with 15m wings span. Original configuration has been developed: two retractable engines, takeoff total power 36.8 kW (50 hp), were installed into consoles of a wing. Material for a design – fiberglass. “ISTRA” has enabled to carry out independent flights and during 10 years pleased the big group of glider pilots…

Our production plant are basing nearby off the Penza city. For today we are capable to make light planes, sailplanes and motogliders of the following types:

  1. Motoglider AC-7M. The motoglider it is equipped with retractable propeller. It is two-seater motoglider for multi-purpose use: for student pilots, cross-country soaring flights, to carry out some scientific researches, recreation.
    A maiden flight on the motoglider is carried out in April 2005 and now it has being in use for engineering development and final flight tests.
  2. Two-seater airplane “Yastreb” (“Hawk”), intended for carrying out chemical treatment in agriculture.
  3. Four-seater airplane “ChE-27”, intended for small business at high-latitude areas, to prospect with private tourist excursions, personal transportation and deliveries of small cargoes in remote areas of the Russian Federation.
  4. The motoglider AC-5M has been awarded by Diploma of 1-st Degrees after the All-Russia competition for the best of all airframe, conducted in 2001 by FLA (Federation of Aviation Admirers) .
  5. The sports glider “Russia” AC-4 has been awarded in 1992 as a Prize-winning with 2-nd place since as the World competition on creation of a sports glider in World class was run out in Oerlinghausen (Germany), carried out under aegis of International Aviation Federation (FAI).

In 2000, russian glider pilots: T.Sviridova, V.Bessarabov and N.Boldyrev have established 4 World Gliding Records, soaring on “Ultra-light” glider “Russia-1” (subclass “DU” on FAI classification).

Within the 1994 to 2002 by “AVIASTROITEL” has been produced in total 60 sailplanes AC4 “Russia” in two modifications, and 33 motogliders AC-5м. Almost all of it’s was deliveries into USA, about 10 gliders into England, 2 – for Canada. 3 sailplanes – into Greece, Holland and New Zealand. Two prototypes: one glider and one motoglider were consumed into Russian Federation.