Foto: AC-7M - 2-seater Motoglider


AC-7M - 2-seater Motoglider, it has a wide cabin with two posts of control-levers, pilots beside.
Foto: Motorglider AC-7K


Motorglider AC-7K is a lightweight, cruise aircraft.
Foto: Motorglider AC5-MP


AC5-MP - a single-seater motorglider and has been equipped with an engine: Rotax-912UL2, capacity 80 h.p., four-cycle, is established on a immobile pylon.
foto: Motoglider AC-5M


AC-5M - is a single-seater motoglider and it has being equipped with engine "Zanzoterra" MZ-35, two-stroke, power of 25 h.p.
Motor-glider AC-5K


Motor-glider AC-5K is a lightweight, single, aircraft, which can be used as a towed gliding glider or taking off and performing a solo flight.