AC-7M – 2-seater Motoglider, it has a wide cabin with two posts of control-levers, pilots beside. Equipped with a petrol engine of 105 h.p., the self launching motoglider has max. climb near 5м/с.

It has excellent takeoff characteristics, powerful wing’s mechanization (by Fowler’s flaps). The motoglider has equipped with mechanism of retraction of the engine – aimed by an electric actuator. With the sleek wing and when the engine had being parked: max L/D is about 37 at flight speed about 120 km/h. It can be equipped with a towing lock making it possible to launch any of ultra-lite glider, such as: AC4, Solo, PW5.

AC-7M – the two-seater motoglider equipped with a retractable power unit, providing independent takeoff, and if there has no presence of good soaring conditions, to continuation of flight in a motor mode at absence of ascending lifts. The motoglider was created as a vehicle for primary education of student pilots, including mastering of soaring flights. A tow lock may be installed into tail cone of a fuselage. That will attach AC-7M new ability: the motoglider will be adequate in using as a tug-plane for launching some ultra-lite gliders. In a motor mode, the AC-7M gives flight’s range, in a standard complete set, about 1800km with cruiser airspeed speed 180km/h and with fuel rate 9 l/h.

The motoglider easily may be driven up to a transport condition if using four person within 20 minutes. In the disassembled state it can be towed by the automobile in the special trailer, and the trailer can be used as a hangar for storage.